Kathy Ahweh, LMT, BAN, HTP

Licensed Massage Therapist

Kathy Ahweh, LMT, BAN, HTP

Licensed Massage Therapist
Bachelor of Arts Nursing
Healing Touch Practitioner


Blending science and intuition, massage and bioenergy therapies to:

  • ease pain and anxiety
  • boost the immune system
  • recharge the body’s batteries
  • ease grief and depression
  • find new perspectives & insights

Your body holds much healing wisdom.

Getting “in touch” with that wisdom can be life-changing.

Kathy Ahweh’s massage/energy/intuitive bodywork sessions are focused on getting “in touch” with the healing wisdom your body is offering you.  Symptoms in our body are sometimes telling us things we may have tuned out.  These bodywork sessions pay attention to it to what your body is saying.   Kathy Ahweh’s hands “listen” to your body during the massage session and are guided to move energy in a way that rebalances your whole self.

My Background

I became a Registered Nurse in 1974, working in several different hospital settings, depending on where my husband was sent during his National Park Service career.  Emergency Room nursing was my favorite.  I spent 15 years in that lifestyle.  In 1989, when my daughter was 5 years old and my son was an infant, I took my first class in Therapeutic Touch.  That class opened the world of “energy medicine” to me and the healing aspects of bioenergy therapy.  I’ve spent 30 years studying and practicing bioenergy therapies such as Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Reiki, indigenous Medicine Women ways, and other forms of energy therapy.  In 2000 I became a Licensed Massage Therapist and added another element to my practice that allows me to more effectively get “in touch” with the healing wisdom held in the muscles and tissues of our bodies.   

My Approach & Philosophy

Massage addresses the tension and aches and pains stored in the muscles and tissues of your body. Bioenergy therapies address the energy flow throughout your body and can detect where energy is congested, causing discomfort, and can help the energy to flow again, easing discomfort on many levels. Each person’s body is unique. By combining multiple techniques, we can effectively begin to help change things for the better.

The massage/energy/intuitive bodywork I do can help you get in touch with the “issues in the tissues” of your body.

My massage room upstairs at Smoky Mountain Individual & Family Therapy is private, comfortable, and very simple.

You can remain fully clothed or undress to your level of comfort, depending on your goals for the session. I will start by following the energy patterns in your body with my hands. During the massage, I start with light pressure at first, using lotion, until your muscles relax, then I can go deeper.

I’m finding the people who respond most powerfully to my work are women who are experiencing their “Change of Life”.  There are times in our lives when doorways to insights open for us. One of these doorways is presented to a woman as she passes through menopause, and on beyond menopause.  I have a special interest in working with women who want to explore this particularly meaningful time in their lives; before, during, and after menopause.

The quaint little stone house, on the corner of Cherry & High Streets, 419 High Street in Sevierville, Tennessee, where Smoky Mountain Individual & Family Therapy is located, has a total of 4 offices. The living room is our common waiting area.  Just come in, sit, and relax in the living room until your therapist comes to get you for your session.  The other professionals in the offices at Smoky Mountain Individual & Family Therapy, for the most part, affect the mind through counseling, psychotherapy, medications, and life coaching.  I, for the most part, affect the body through touch therapy.

The mind and body are meant to work together. Research is showing that psychotherapy and bodywork combined are far more effective than either one alone.  At Smoky Mountain Individual & Family Therapy you can receive either one or both.

I offer no spa amenities or “extras”.

My rates reflect my simple menu of services:

$55 – one hour massage/energy/intuitive session

$35 – half hour massage/energy/intuitive session

As with most therapies, more than one session is usually required for permanent changes. To encourage a commitment of more than one session, I offer a special rate of $155 for 3 sessions.


In 2017 Kathy Ahweh went back to school to become a Licensed Massage Therapist after retiring from Nursing. She has a BA in Nursing and her 20 years of active nursing included emergency room, intensive care, operating room, medical-surgical, orthopedic, drug rehab, home health, and hospice.

In 1989 when she took her first class in Therapeutic Touch she knew immediately that, even though her medical training never taught her about the energy system of the body, it was important for her to learn more about it. She has spent 30 years taking classes, studying and
working with the energy system of the body and its mysteries.

In 2000 she began work with indigenous Grandmothers and learned to sense energy patterns that could not be learned from books or formal studies.

Kathy Ahweh became a Licensed Massage Therapist to enable her to combine her scientific background and intuitive skills and make them available.

She looks forward to working with those who come to her.

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